C S Upadhyay


Department of Aerospace Engineering IIT Kanpur


List of M.Tech Thesis Completed

Numerical solutions of thin film flows using finite element method by Jaydip Bagchi in Dec.1998.

Finite element analysis of laminated composite plates using hierarchic modeling and p-extensions by Rajesh Kitey in Dec. 1999.

Finite element analysis for bending of geometrically as well as materially non-linear laminated composite plates by Arunesh Dixit in May, 1999.

A comparative study of various averaging schemes for the periodic heterogeneous media by Hridya Nand Sharma in October, 2000.

Effect of internal tether damping on in-plane lobrations and vibrations in tethered satellite systmes by Nagesh Phaniraj in Dec. 2000.

A finite element study on reinforced granular bed soft soil system by Giresh Sreedhar K.P. in Feb, 2001.

Adaptive finite element based shape optimization of laminated composite plates with cut-outs by Mohite Preetamkumar Marutrao in February, 2001.

Finite element analysis based design of stiffened plates by V. Swaminathan in February, 2001.

A generalized finite element based crack path prediction for linear elastic fracture mechanics by Omprakash Seresta in May, 2001.

A computer-based iterative topology optimisation procedure for stiffener design by A. Srinivasarao in May 2002.

Analysis of multilayered flexible pavement using fem by Shankar kumar in Oct.2003.

Hierarchic computational models for analysis of laminated structures by Mohd. Ishaquddin in Oct. 2004.

Stability analysis of composite laminates with and without cut-outs by Vavala Anil in Oct. 2004.

Large deformation analysis of thermoelastic contact problems by Utsa Mazumdar in June 2005.

A finite elasticity formulation based pramework for analysis of cable and membranes by Krishnendu Haldar in July 2005.

Towards a mechanistic optimization approach : Generalized plate buckling analysis by Ashutosh kumar in Sep. 2006.

A micromechanical analysis of damaged and undamaged periodic heterogeneous media by Somasundharam Prabu in May 2007.

A simple beam theory based optimal design of fastening system by Sushil Kumar Singh in May 2007.

A Three Dimensional Micromechanical model to Predict the Viscoelastic Properties of Cloth Composite by Priyank Upadhyay in July 2008.

A Homogenization based continuum damage model for fiber breaking and fiber matrix debonding by Atul Jain in May 2009.

Effect of ply orientation on ply-level and interlaminar damage in composite Laminates by Lakshmi Narayana.K in August 2009.

List of Ph.D

Electro-thermoelastic formulation and analysis of smart structures with embedded piezoelectric material by N. A. sheikh in 2003. SYNOPSIS

A generalized adaptive finite element modeling based analysis of undamaged and damaged laminates by Mohite Preetamkumar Marutrao in 2006. SYNOPSIS

Nonconforming / hp / spectral element method for elliptic systems by Kumar, Naraparaju Kishore in 2006. SYNOPSIS

Stochastic finite element buckling analysis of undamaged and damaged laminated composite plates by Amit Kumar Onkar in 2008. SYNOPSIS

Spectral /hp element method for asymptotic analysis of periodic structures by G.Naga Raju in 2009 . SYNOPSIS

Thermodynamic modeling and analysis of smart structures including polarization-electric field (P-E) hysteresis effects by V.L.Sateesh in 2009. SYNOPSIS

Micromechanics Based Continuum Damage Model for Ply Failure in Unidirectional Composites by V.Murari in 2010.

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